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Activated Charcoal Capsules with pure, highly adsorbent charcoal powder to trap, bind & expel harmful toxins & gases from the digestive tract to help improve digestion, skin’s glow and overall health. Also helps lower the alcohol levels in blood, optimize cholesterol levels, reduce joint pains, and improve mental cognition function weakened by toxins. 250 mg charcoal powder per capsule, pack of 60 capsules.

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WOW Life Science Activated Charcoal Capsules contain pure, highly adsorbent activated charcoal powder to help improve digestion and overall wellness.

WOW Life Science Activated Charcoal Dietary Supplement – Supports General Wellness By Helping To Expel Toxins, Improve Digestion & Enhance Skin Glow

✅  Activated charcoal powder particles have a porous surface that traps, binds and expels harmful toxins and gases from the digestive tract, without letting them be absorbed by the body; thereby improving digestion, the glow of the skin, and overall health. It also assists in lowering the alcohol level in blood, optimizing cholesterol levels, reducing joint pains and improving mental cognitive functions.

✅  Activated charcoal is a potent natural remedy used in hospitals across the world to counter food/drug/ alcohol poisoning.

✅  It contains 250 mg charcoal powder per capsule in a pack of 60 capsules.

Formulated to deliver natural nutrition & improve overall wellness

✅  Dietary Supplement with Activated charcoal Powder of the highest purity & adsorbency

✅  Gently traps, binds and expels harmful toxins & gases from the digestive tract, improving digestion, overall health & skin glow

✅  Also helps lower the alcohol level in blood, optimize cholesterol levels, reduce joint pains & improve mental cognition impaired by toxins

✅  60 capsules per pack with every capsule containing 250 mg activated the charcoal powder

✅  100% vegetarian, gluten-free, stearate-free capsules with no added fillers, binders, flavorings, additives or preservatives

Key Ingredients

Activated Charcoal Powder – Activated charcoal powder is made from coconut husks or other natural sources. It is a natural, safe and healthy remedy to flush out the toxins and chemicals present in the digestive tract. Its particles have a highly porous surface that traps and binds the toxic molecules to safely expel them from the body. Often used as a first aid for food/drug/alcohol poisoning in hospital emergency rooms, it also helps tackle relatively minor issues like bloating, gas, bile flow and hangover. The activated charcoal powder can help improve digestion, the glow of the skin and overall health. It also helps lower the alcohol level in blood, optimizes cholesterol levels, reduces joint pains, and improve the mental cognition weakened by toxins. Water purification systems also use activated charcoal as a water purifying mechanism.

How to take WOW Life Science Activated Charcoal Capsules

Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening 30 minutes to 2 hours before meal times with water, or as directed by your healthcare professional.


What is activated charcoal powder? How is it different from regular charcoal powder?

Activated charcoal is an oxidized form of charcoal, usually made from coconut shells or similar raw materials. Inducing oxygen to charcoal at very high temperatures increases its porosity and the total surface area which makes it capable of trapping toxins and gases, while regular charcoal is used in households to remove odors and more solid impurities.

How does activated charcoal work?

Activated charcoal is a highly adsorbent substance that works by trapping and binding toxins onto its highly porous surface. Once trapped and bound, these toxins cannot be absorbed by the digestive system and are flushed away safely through the excretory organs.

Can I use these capsules as a first aid in cases of poisoning?

No, for any type of poisoning, get emergency treatment from a qualified healthcare professional at a well-equipped healthcare facility. While activated charcoal is indeed a first aid for several types of poisoning, it should not be used as a self-administered antidote for poisoning as it will not work in certain cases. And, the amount of activated charcoal required in specific poisoning cases is best ascertained and administered by healthcare professionals under their supervision.

Are there any precautions to be taken before using this supplement?

Activated charcoal can trap toxins as well as nutrients and medicinal compounds. To ensure the bare minimum nutritional loss, consume this supplement at least 30 minutes to 2 hours before meals and any supplements or prescription medicines. Be sure to drink more water while taking this supplement. Also, medical conditions like holes/bleeding/blockages in the intestine and dehydration can interfere with the desired results. Check with your healthcare professional if you have any digestive system related issues or if you have had any recent digestive tract surgeries.


✅  Activated charcoal can interfere with the absorption of nutrients, supplements & prescription medications. Take activated charcoal 30 minutes to two hours before meals and any supplements or prescription medications.

✅  Medical conditions such as intestinal bleeding, blockages or intestinal holes, chronic dehydration, slow digestion or recent abdominal surgeries may affect how activated charcoal reacts to your body. Please consult your physician before use.

✅  If pregnant or nursing, consult your physician before use.

✅  This product is not intended as a treatment for accidental poisoning.

✅  Do not use if the seal is broken or missing.

✅  Keep out of the reach of children.

✅  Store in a cool, dry place.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

**Diet+Activity+WOW Supplements= Wellness
WOW neither promises nor delivers overnight miraculous results. Instead, our natural supplements ably support your healthy diet and exercise routines to ensure optimal wellness.