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Beauty Routine When Working From Home


This past year have been a big change for everyone. Consider this your chance to make self-care moments to escape from reality, center yourself, and change your mindset towards gratitude. If you're stuck at home, you have no excuse NOT to take care of yourself! Use that extra time towards a new and improved beauty routine!

Morning Skincare Routine

girl holding vitamin c face wash with brush

Start your morning right with WOW Skin Science Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash With a BrushThe soft silicone bristles give a gentle wake up call to your skin, while Vitamin C brightens for a sun-kissed glow (even if you've been indoors all week!) Speaking of being indoors, don't forget to wear SPF 15 or 30! You're not safe from UV rays just from being inside, don't regret being protected when you see those dark spots pop up...

Exfoliate + Hydrate

aloe very body lotion

Hopefully you've increased your hand washing and hand sanitizing, meaning your hands are probably reaaaally dry. As much as these cleaning agents claim to moisture your hands, it's not going to combat the dryness you're experiencing. Make sure to hydrate with WOW Skin Science Aloe Vera Body Lotion for non-sticky nourishment that will soothe any cracked skin. Don't forget your feet!

If you happened to be wearing masks regularly, you may notice that your skin gets dry from breathing in that recycled air, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Personally, I experienced dry patches on my skin for the first time, which made applying makeup on top look TERRIBLE. Here's how I fixed it: exfoliation, then hydration. You want to exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells with physical (scrubs) or chemical (AHA, BHA) exfoliation to reveal the smooth skin underneath. To prevent more dry, flaky skin, seal in moisture with a nice face cream. 


While you're working at home or even exercising, take this time to put on a skin or hair treatment that needs time to work its magic. That way, you're being productive while taking care of yourself!

Multitask with a mask! After cleansing your skin, apply a face mask of your choice and let dry while you work on homework, your job, learning a language, painting, you get the drift! 

Nourish your hair with luxurious oils! Oiling my hair is one of my favorite hair rituals for silky, soft, and hydrated hair. My mom would do it for me growing up, and now I can fit it into my routine at home! The WOW Skin Science 10-In-1 Miracle Hair Oil is a fan favorite, I personally LOVE the Onion Black Seed Hair Oil since these Ayurvedic ingredients do wonders for my frizzy hair.

onion black seed hair oil

To oil your hair, pump a generous amount to your scalp and length of your hair. I love giving myself a scalp massage in circular motions to stimulate blood circulation for healthy hair follicles, distribute the product, and release built-up tension from living in messy buns (anyone else get this?) Let the hair oil soak in for an hour or overnight. You can open up the hair cuticles for deeper hydration penetration by using heat! This can be done by covering hair in a hot towel, covering in a plastic bag and using a hairdryer, or working out and allowing your body heat to work its magic (my favorite hack to protect my hair health). Don't forget to shampoo and condition to wash out the hair oil. 

We hope you're staying safe in this crazy time. It's okay to unplug from social media for your mental health, and take time to care for yourself. You're worth it! 

Akhila Jerripothula

Akhila is a Lead Copywriter with a passion for helping others become their best selves. She lives and breathes beauty by sharing must-have tips and tricks to achieving your self-care goals. Her fervor for skincare, haircare, and wellness is expressed through relatable rituals, quick-quitted words, and video content. Check Akhila out on WOW's blog, TikTok, and Facebook Live's for product features and guides to perfect your lifestyle.

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