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Why Does My Hair Feel Waxy?


I’ve always been very particular about my hair, washing it on time, applying all my hair care products religiously, and never letting too much sweat build up on my scalp. Yet one major problem that I've always had with my hair, no matter how diligently I wash it, is how extremely waxy and greasy it feels all the time. Finally, I decided to bear no more of it and take recommendations from someone who knows what's actually happening. 

My hairstylist helped me understand all the factors that were responsible for my locks feeling waxy all the time and also provided several suggestions to overcome them. If you’re one of those who are suffering from this same problem and need to get rid of it, then you’ve landed at the correct place. Scroll down to know how to make each one of your hair washes last for more days without any greasiness. 

Table of Contents

1. Causes of Waxy Hair
2. How to Combat Your Greasy Hair
 2.1 A perfect shampoo and conditioner pack
 2.2 Opt for a lightweight keratin shampoo
 2.3 Focus on your diet

1. Causes of Waxy Hair

You might be committing several mistakes unintentionally that could be adding up to make your locks more greasy and sticky. Check some of the major mistakes that are unexpectedly increasing the greasiness of your head!

  • Excess washing of your hair: We often think that overwashing of our hair will remove the greasiness, but in reality, it leads to enhancement of oil in our scalp. As per dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner, MD, Our scalp produces natural oils and minerals essential for its health, which might be stripped away with excess use of harsh shampoos and conditioners. This, in turn, can put the sebaceous glands into overdrive, leading to greasy, weighed-down hair. 
  • Rinsing with hot water: There's nothing more satisfying than indulging in a hot shower, especially in winters, yet this might be a significant cause of grease building in your scalp. When hot water touches your scalp, it leads to dehydration which might be the biggest reason for the excess buildup of oil in your scalp. 
  • An unhealthy diet: We’ve all heard it time and again and are completely aware of the fact that whatever we eat reflects on our skin. Excess consumption of oily food makes our skin prone to acne and other issues. Similarly, unhealthy food choices can lead to excessive buildup of oil in your scalp as well. As per celebrity stylist, Chad Wood, whenever you eat junk food, you’ll be able to see it on both your face as well as your scalp. 
  • Choice of conditioner: An incorrect choice of conditioner can cause significant damage. Understand your hair type and then make your choice of a conditioner. If your hair is not textured or damaged, then opting for a lightweight conditioner might be a good option for you. Such a product will seal moisture in your strands and provide it with easy breathability as well. 
  • Hair accessories: Be very particular about your hair accessories and their fabric, as they could also be a cause of the redeposition of oil in your scalp. Try and choose smooth fabrics such as silk and satin for hair ties as these do not absorb excess oil. 
  • Incorrectly washing your hair: Sometimes you might be washing your hair in an apt routine, but the way of washing it might be completely off. As per Millie Morales, celebrity hairstylist, ‘The way you wash your hair has a lot to do with the way it behaves.’ She advises making use of your fingers to gently massage your scalp while shampooing your hair. Also, the conditioner should be washed out really well so that it doesn't affect the pH of your hair, leading to greasiness.

2. How to Combat Your Greasy Hair

Here are a few easy tips to stop your tresses from constantly feeling super oily and waxy. 

2.1 A perfect shampoo and conditioner pack 

Though it seems a bit tricky, finding the perfect combination of an effective shampoo and conditioner isn't all that difficult. You just need to find an ideal balance of products that are neither too creamy/heavy nor too bland. One such combination pack that serves this purpose is formulated by WOW Skin Science, the apple cider vinegar shampoo and avocado/coconut oil conditioner pack. The combo pack provides hydration and intense nourishment to your hair, ensuring balanced care of your scalp. 

Apple cider vinegar shampoo works amazingly well on your locks, keeping them hydrated, ensuring enhanced hair growth, and providing strength to your hair follicles. Similarly, the conditioner is a smooth formula that keeps your hair moisturized and shiny without any trace of oil or greasiness. 

Try this combination product to maintain an ideal balance of oil in your scalp and keep it away from greasiness.  

2.2 Opt for a lightweight keratin shampoo 

Your go-to hair products should be free of harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens, and other hazardous agents to ensure the protection of your scalp. It’s always recommended to opt for a shampoo that effectively removes residue buildup in your scalp without stripping it of its natural oils. One such detoxifying shampoo is the WOW Skin Science activated charcoal and keratin shampoo that works to purify and fortify each of your hair strands with its soothing natural ingredients. 

The deep cleanser is a powerful blend of botanical ingredients such as jojoba oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, and aloe vera extract. All of these work together to intensely nourish your scalp with an essential dose of moisture that’ll ensure it doesn’t go greasy.  

2.3 Focus on your diet 

The best way to keep your body glowing from the outside is to start by focussing on within. As per an expert celebrity stylist, Kristen Shaw, you should consult a doctor or nutritionist and get an apt diet for enhanced nourishment of your body as well as scalp. She also says some foods, such as dairy products, might be a significant cause of clogged-up pores in your scalp leading to greasiness. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What causes gummy hair?

Excessive chemical processing and damage caused to your hair can make it become sticky or gummy. 

2. Why does my hair feel sticky even after washing it?

Several factors could be causing your hair to feel sticky even after you’ve washed it, such as build-up product residue, dandruff, using dry shampoo, using the wrong conditioner, etc..

3. What is the buildup on my scalp?

Scalp buildup is the accumulation of excess sebum on your scalp, along with sweat, dirt, dead skin cells, and chemical hair products. 


Having healthy and nourished locks isn’t difficult if you’re aware of what needs to be fixed and taken care of. Hopefully, this article here has helped you understand all the causes of waxy hair and how to get rid of it and strike a healthy balance. Once added to your regimen, these simple haircare products can do wonders to improve the overall condition of your hair and help you get rid of that dreaded greasiness.

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