What No One Tells You About Hair Oils


A common fear with hair oils is they give a flat and greasy look to your hair.

But that only happens if you use too much oil! It’s like using too much shampoo. No matter how gentle it is, if you use half the bottle at once, you’re not going to enjoy it.

Hair oils can do wonders to your hair in just a few drops.

1. Hair Health

Struggling with dry brittle hair? Using hair oils can go a long way with your hair health!

Your hair is hungry for nourishment. The hair shaft is often worn out from over styling and heat exposure. 

The WOW Onion Black Seed Hair Oil is rich in essential oils that feed the follicles exactly what it needs. It helps improve how your hair looks, feels, and behaves. Leaving your hair with renewed radiance and a healthy, vibrant shine!

All you need is a few drops to begin reviving your strands. The WOW Onion Black Seed Hair Oil is 100% free of any hexane, mineral oil, and silicone.

2. Frizz

Moisture is key to manageable hair. Bad cases of frizzy hair always start small.

It slowly spreads and soon you’re left with a huge mess. If you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work? You should consider using hair oils.

Frizz can be really frustrating. The WOW Onion Black Seed Hair Oil is also amazing for taming your strands. The oil soaks into your strands without any stickiness. This is an oil that's perfect for curly & low porosity hair.

It also helps with enhancing gloss, stronger roots, and more!

3. Hair Growth 

Looking to get longer hair? Hair oils are great for this too.

Most hair loss is from localized inflammation around the hair follicle. Castor Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory which makes it perfect for helping with hair growth!

The WOW Castor Oil also has Vitamin E & other nutrients that go a long way with nourishing the scalp.

We use only 100% pure, cold-pressed oil from the highest quality sources of castor seeds. This is perfect if you're spotting early hair loss signs. All you need to do is apply it 1-2 times a week and leave it for an hour or overnight and wash it right after.


  • by Susie Smith on

    Hi my name is Susie and I have a couple questions. As I was reading the website I saw something about complete Detox, could you tell me a little about that? Also some info on the Argan oil and castor oil. Which would be the best for me. I have just started using the charcoal shampoo.

  • by Jane Robb on

    With my arthritis it is hard to use these bottles without a pump.
    I would like to have one for my shampoo and one for my conditioner.
    Thank you

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