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The Most Surprising Banana Benefits for Skin


Isn’t it quite fascinating to know that some of our all-time favorite food items and fruits can be as satisfying and beneficial for our skin as they are for our body? I’ve always been a fan of natural ingredients and how easily they can become our go-to when in need of a beauty fix. One such ingredient that has never disappointed my skin is the good old banana. The magical fruit enriched with powerful antioxidants can work wonders on your skin and effectively help you get rid of all your skin concerns. For those who are still in a fix regarding the fruit and whether to go ahead and try it, check this article for all you need to know. 

Table of Contents

  1. Benefits Of Banana For Skincare
  2. DIY Banana Masks
  3. Recommended Banana Infused Skincare Products

1. Banana Benefits For Skin 

Enriched with the goodness of powerful ingredients such as potassium, Vitamin A, B6, and C, banana is an excellent fruit that works extremely well not just for your stomach, but your skin as well. Here are some ways in which it can prove beneficial for your skin: 

  • Diminishes wrinkles and signs of aging: The essential nutrients present in bananas help fight against wrinkles and fine lines. The fruit contains silica that actively helps in enhancing the production of collagen, thereby uplifting your skin. 
  • Fights against free radicals: Banana contains a good amount of antioxidants and Vitamin C. While antioxidants are quite effective in protecting your skin against the damage caused by free radicals, Vitamin C helps maintain a natural and vibrant glow.
  • Reduces the appearance of acne and marks: Bananas contain Vitamin A, which actively helps in providing your skin relief from inflammation caused due to acne. Also, a study conducted on the fruit concluded that phenolics present in it contain antimicrobials that can provide relief from acne lesions. 

Another study also states that Vitamin A and C present in bananas significantly reduce hyperpigmentation and also aid well in fighting against acne marks and dark spots. 

  • Provides protection against harsh UV rays: Though the fruit can’t replace your favorite sunscreen, studies claim that the rich dose of Vitamins and antioxidants present in it works well to boost the natural ability of your skin to fight against the damage caused by harsh rays of the sun. 
  • Smoothens dry and cracked skin: Potassium and Vitamin B6 present in bananas can easily slough off the dead skin cells and help in rejuvenating your skin to keep it soft, smooth, and supple. 

2. DIY Banana Masks

The skincare experts and beauty bloggers all around have been taking a keen interest in mixing different ingredients present in their kitchens and whipping them around to make the best of banana DIY masks. Check a few of the most simple banana face masks that can be easily made within the confines of your home: 

  • Banana, yogurt, and turmeric: Mix the three ingredients in a bowl and apply the mask on your face and neck. Leave it for 15 minutes, and then wash it off with cold water. While banana works well to remove dirt and grime from your skin, turmeric, with its antibacterial properties, works well to fight against blemishes and acne. Yogurt present in the mix can provide your skin with a brightening glow. 
  • Banana, rose water, and honey: Make a smooth blend with the ingredients and apply the mask on your face using a brush. Let the mask dry and then rinse it with water. While Vitamins and potassium present in the banana will provide your skin with a natural glow, honey present in the mask will gently exfoliate your dry and dull skin, and rose water will leave your skin feeling fresh and bright. 
  • Banana, lemon, and honey: Mash one banana and mix it with lemon and honey to make a smooth paste. Apply it all over your face and neck and rinse the mask after it has dried off. Enriched with Vitamin C, lemon juice will lighten the dark spots on your skin, and honey, enriched with repairing properties, will soothe your skin. 
  • Banana, avocado, and honey: Apply the mix made using these three ingredients on your cleansed face and neck. Rinse and moisturize after the pack has dried off. The nourishing and moisturizing properties of both avocado and banana provide your skin with intense hydration and nourishment. Honey present in the mask will repair your dry and damaged skin. 
  • Banana, yogurt, and orange juice: Whip a banana well and add orange juice and yogurt to the mix. Apply the paste on your face and neck and let it dry for 15-20 minutes, then rinse. Banana packed with rich antioxidants will help in getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles, while yogurt will exfoliate your skin, remove dead skin cells and tighten pores. Enriched with Vitamin C, orange juice is an excellent ingredient to help repair damaged skin cells. 

3. Recommended Banana Infused Skincare Products

There’s just something so wildly comforting about bananas that it conjures the best of your childhood memories and also feels like magic on your skin. If you’re interested in applying the goodness of this rich fruit on your skin, but wish to avoid the unnecessary hassle and mess of mashing and whipping bananas, then here is a product that you can rely on. 

WOW Skin Science has formulated a natural body butter infused with all the goodness of banana. Enriched with the goodness of essential vitamins and potassium, this luxurious product can provide your skin with irresistible softness and keep it supple. Get this banana-infused skincare product and keep your skin moisturized without any trace of greasiness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I leave a banana on my face overnight?

Yes, a banana facial mask made at home can be left overnight as well for hydrating your skin and providing it with nourishment. 

2. Can we use bananas daily on the face?

Though banana is an excellent ingredient for skincare, try to avoid applying it daily. Apply the scrubs or masks made with this fruit twice a week. 

3. Is banana peel good for skin?

Yes, banana peel is exceptional for your skin as it actively exfoliates and removes dirt, grime, and dust from your skin with ease. 


Bananas have us going gaga over all the essential benefits that they provide to our skin and health. Many of your skincare concerns can be easily eliminated by simply whipping this fruit with a few other ingredients present in your pantry. Also, the banana-infused body butter can soothe your skin, pamper it with all the love and leave you feeling refreshed all the time. 

Make the most of this wonder ingredient by making your favorite DIY recipes at home or by grabbing the best banana-infused skincare product off the shelf! 

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