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Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine


Spring equinox is the perfect time to reflect on the year so far and make the changes you want to be your best self. Cleanse away negative energy as you prep for new beginnings, starting with your bathroom! Spring clean your beauty routine with holistic skin and hair care from WOW Skin Science. 

1. Detox Your Routine 

Just like toxic people, ditch the negative in your beauty routine too! Products that aren’t working for your skin or hair type, aren’t giving the results you desire, or just too expensive...gone. You can do better!

If you’re looking for a beloved hair duo, look no further than WOW Skin Science Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo + Coconut Avocado Oil Conditioner. Detox your scalp while you strengthen and add shine with Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut, and Avocado Oils. It’s Amazon’s best selling shampoo + conditioner set for a reason!

woman holding apple cider vinegar shampoo

2. Check Expiration Dates 

Beauty products do expire and need to be checked regularly. Don’t risk breakouts and bacterial infections from using unsafe products. Pro tip - on most packages, you can find an icon showing the shelf life of the product. It’s typically represented by a jar, a number and the letter ‘M’ like the below.

expiration dates

You can keep track of your beauty products by marking the date of your first use to stay sanitary. If you’re in doubt, throw it out! 

3. Go Green With Your Skincare Routine

More than ever, climate change is prompting consumers to go green and support sustainable brands that care about where their products come from, and how their ingredients are sourced. Is it worth falling in love with a product that may be discontinued, or even worse, is damaging to the environment? Heck no. 

All WOW Skin Science products are vegan + cruelty-free, sustainably and ethically sourced to ensure the best quality products that we’re proud to create, that our customers love - now + forever. It’s time to feel good about using products that make you look great.  

4. Get Ready For Warm Weather (and everything that comes with it) 

Sun-drenched skin, sunburn, hyperpigmentation - whatever the weather brings - protect yourself against UV rays and free-radicals by using SPF of at least 15, reapplying every 2 hours. 

Revive dehydrated skin from prolonged sun exposure with WOW Skin Science 10-in-1 Apple Cider Vinegar Mist Tonic. All-natural active ingredients like Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Rose Water, Aloe Vera Extract and more work to balance and nourish dry, dull skin. 


Hydrate dry skin and maintain your gorgeous glow with WOW Skin Science Citrus Body Butter! A fruity way to rejuvenate dull dry skin, seal in your skin's moisture, and protect from outside irritants. Pro tip: apply the body butter on damp skin right out of the shower! That way, you seal in the moisture instead of drying yourself off and replenishing dry skin. To apply a more even layer, rub the body butter between your hands to warm it up, and apply in long strokes starting from your legs, up!

5. Cleanse Your Shelf

Do you reaaaally need 4 nearly identical perfumes? Have a serious talk with yourself a la Marie Kondo, and think about which products spark joy. Keeping a signature staple will center yourself and showcase only what you want to. 


Welcome spring! These 5 ways to be your best self will have you glowing all year round! 

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