Sleep Better with Essential Oils


Having trouble sleeping? Between work deadlines, school and every digital screen fighting for your attention, your brain and body need major rest. Clearing your mind for proper slumber can be a challenge at the end of the day, leading to an endless cycle of sleeplessness and exhaustion. 

Your mind needs to decompress before sleep to get a good rest. Relax your mind with WOW Skin Science Lavender Essential Oil to promote natural and healthy sleep patterns. A sense of calm washes over you as the gentle scent fills the air, letting you breathe deep, releasing the worries of your daily routine. Stillness is a beautiful and highly underrated treasure. 

woman using lavender essential oil

Lavender’s soothing aromatic properties have made it a versatile and popular herb for centuries. WOW’s Lavender Essential Oil provides a sense of calm with its clean, sweet scent. 

The benefits go beyond promoting sleep, with powerful antioxidant properties to fight free radicals, lessen oxidation, and help reduce the appearance of acne breakouts.  

How To Use

Aromatherapy is a great way to use WOW’s Lavender Essential Oil, as it transforms the room into a peaceful and dreamy paradise. Here are a few ways you can use this oil: 

  • Put 3-4 drops of oil on a cotton ball/tissue and tuck inside the pillow cover 
  • Add a few drops in a diffuser for a peaceful, soothing aroma that promotes sounder sleep
  • Add 5-6 drops to water and spray around for a calming environment

    It’s never too late to reset your sleep cycle, start now and live in the WOW!

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