Red Onion Seed Oil For Strong, Lustrous Hair

Red Onion Seeds are often confused with Kalonji or “Black Seeds” as they are both pretty identical in size, shape, and color.
Black Seeds belong to the buttercup family to a flowering plant called Nigella Sativa while the Onion Seeds are vegetables which are a cultivated species of the Allium genus family.
In this article, we are referring to the seeds belonging to the Red Onion plant!

Red Onion Seed Oil Extract

More and more ancient practices like Ayurveda are rapidly making their way into modern beauty as they are revealed to house immense benefits for your precious locks!
Red Onion Seeds has been used for the hair over centuries thanks to their rich nutrient profile. Our follicles and scalp are often starved from any real nourishment since so many of our traditional shampoos use synthetic ingredients.

Boosts Strand Strength

Red Onion Seed Oils are packed with various antioxidants & essential minerals.
Due to the lifestyle & foods we eat today, our bodies are constantly on a battle against free radicals. Antioxidants actively combat oxidative stress caused by free radicals on our strands, reducing any aging effects on our follicles.
Essential minerals and vitamins are required by our scalps to carry out functions in a optimal manner like producing sebum and hair tissue growth & repair.

Adds Gloss

Only hydrated follicles with smoothened cuticles give out that healthy, vibrant shine we all crave for.
Red Onion Seed Oil is also high in fatty acids that can help to foster moisture retention within your follicles. These fatty acids also help with smoothening and tightening your cuticles, boosting natural shine & greatly reducing any frizz or dullness.

WOW Skin Science Red Onion Shampoo And Conditioner

Use this shampoo to improve hair texture and strengthen your strands naturally. This formula helps to revive your tired scalp and hair. It’s made with both red onion seed oil extract and with Kalonji or black seed oil aid too, doubling up it's effectiveness for your tresses. It also rejuvenates your scalp health and nourishes your roots.
The set comes with a free Scalp Massager that’s going to step up your shower experience with its soft, silicone bristles that’s made for stimulating your scalp. Unlock newfound luster and vibrance with this power-packed shampoo set!


  • by Julie Perkins on

    I can’t believe how awesome the apple cidar vinegar shampoo and conditioners work on my old tired hair it gives it new life and shine, I have it grown now to just above my bum, at age 60!

  • by Janet Fietz on

    I have been using and Love the WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and the WOW Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil Conditioner! I love the way my natural silver and blond fine curly hair feels.

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