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Mother's Day Gift Guide


Whether you're spending Mother's Day celebrating Mom in self-isolation or miles away, treat her with an at-home spa for this special day. She deserves to de-stress while staying safe indoors! Till May 10th, use code LOVEMOM20 for 20% natural beauty essentials to show her you care. 

Onto the at-home spa ritual...

Silver Dreamcatcher Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace

Scent is key for relaxation, that's why spas love diffusing essential oils to set the mood. Now, you can too with beautiful jewelry! Get Mom our Silver Dreamcatcher Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklacewith three interchangeable pads inside the necklace that holds whatever fragrant essential oils mom is in the mood for. 

We have a variety of 100% pure and therapeutic essential oils and blends, like Eucalyptus (popular in spa's) and the relaxing Stress Melt Essential Oil Blend. Sit back and relaaaaax. 

Heal your hair

Oiling is one of my favorite hair rituals for silky, soft, and hydrated hair. Super easy to DIY with our 10-In-1 Miracle Hair Oil! My mom would do this hair ritual for me, so giving it back for Mother's Day is perfect. 

To oil your mom's hair, pump a generous amount of 10-In-1 Miracle Hair Oil to your scalp and length of your hair. Boost blood circulation with a scalp massage in circular motions with our Stimulating Scalp Massager Brush. It also helps distribute the product throughout your hair while detangling and releasing built-up tension from living in messy buns (anyone else get this?)

Let the hair oil soak into mom's strands for an hour or overnight. You can open up the hair cuticles for deeper hydration penetration by using heat! This can be done by covering hair in a hot towel, covering in a plastic bag and using a hairdryer, or working out and allowing your body heat to work its magic (my favorite hack to protect my hair health).

Wash it out

Don't forget to wash the hair oil out of mom's hair! She deserves nothing but liquid gold...aka Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo + Conditioner! It's known for its healthy restorative properties to give mom silky, shiny, and strong hair! All while properly rinsing any product residue and build up. 

Set + Refresh

Seal in the spa treatment with our Apple Cider Vinegar Mist TonicA few sprays of the multipurpose mist is all it takes to balance and hydrate your skin and hair. The finishing touch to a relaxing spa day, all at home!

We thoroughly hope you enjoy spending quality time on this special day. Till May 10th, use code LOVEMOM20 for 20% natural beauty essentials to show her you care. Happy Mother's Day!

Akhila Jerripothula

Akhila is a Lead Copywriter with a passion for helping others become their best selves. She lives and breathes beauty by sharing must-have tips and tricks to achieving your self-care goals. Her fervor for skincare, haircare, and wellness is expressed through relatable rituals, quick-quitted words, and video content. Check Akhila out on WOW's blog, TikTok, and Facebook Live's for product features and guides to perfect your lifestyle.

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