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Is shaving your face bad? Pros and cons of shaving your face as a woman


Let’s face it: facial hair is a nuisance for all women. Whether we try to cover it or not, it will eventually show, making us conscient about our looks. 

Depilatory wax and creams are the most popular choice when it comes to excess facial hair. On the downside, these methods are not rapid; they usually require a trip to the salon and, depending on the salon, they can cause a smaller or bigger hole in the budget.

The ideal solution to remove facial hair is fast, home-based, and does not have any unwanted consequences for the skin and hair. 

Shaving ticks the first two boxes but does not convince me about the latter. There are strong debates between those who say shaving is the same as waxing and people who claim shaving will cause hair to grow thicker. 

So, who is right? 

Is shaving your face bad as a woman? 

Read more to see the pros and cons of shaving facial hair.

Table of Contents:

  • Excess facial hair – how do I know I have it?
  • Pros and cons of shaving your face as a woman
  • The correct way to shave your face as a woman
  • Is shaving your facial hair bad?

Excess facial hair – how do I know I have it?

Body and facial hair are natural. It is the protective layer of the skin, which develops when we are children and remains on the body until we grow old. 

This type of hair called ‘vellus’ is similar to the peach puff, and it is barely visible in the sun. If you have vellus hair on your face, you do not have excessive facial hair, so you don’t necessarily have to remove it.

facial hair woman girl

Terminal hair is dark, thick, and visible, which forces women to find solutions to remove it. It is normal to have terminal hair on the legs, armpits, and bikini area, so dermatologists don't refer to them as excessive hair examples. 

Hirsutism happens when terminal hair appears on unusual body areas, such as the face, the arms, and the back.

Hirsutism can be hereditary, or it can be related to hormonal problems. Before you start addressing the problem from the outside (through hair removal procedures), you should get a medical checkup to determine the real cause of the excess hair.

Pros and cons of shaving your face as a woman

The most popular myth about shaving your facial hair as a woman is that if you do it, you will grow a beard, and the hair will be darker, coarser. 

All the recent experiments have come to contradict this old and false myth: you don’t get hairier if you shave your face, nor does your hair become thicker.

If anything, dermatologists recommend dermaplaning – facial hair shaving - as an efficient method to get smoother and cleaner face skin. 

woman shaving facial hair, girl shaving facial hair, facial hair donts

The razor does not remove just vellus or terminal hair. It also removes dead skin cells and residues. This technique can be carried out at home, and it takes half an hour at most. 

It is, therefore, a fast, cheap, and easy method to remove not only facial hair but also rejuvenate the skin.

No method is flawless. Shaved hair grows faster, which means you will have to shave your hair once or even twice a week. 

While the shaved hair does not grow thicker, it feels that way when it starts to resurface. There is only one way to prevent the stingy sensation: shave more often.

If you have pimples or red bumps, shaving is not recommended for you because there is a bigger injury risk. 

Yes, shaving cuts are another con for this method. Moreover, ingrown hair is very common, and it can lead to itchiness, rashes, and even zits. Luckily, all these cons can be downsized by applying the correct shaving products.

The correct way to shave your face as a woman

Men have a special routine when it comes to shaving. We must pay attention and copy as much as we can to avoid ingrown hairs, shaving cuts, and irritated skin.

Buy the right razors

Dermaplaning should not be performed with regular shaving tools. For maximum results, you should buy dermaplaning scalpels.

Prepare the skin before shaving 

It is important to clean and dry the skin before this treatment. Depending on your skin type, you can use mild scrubbers or gentle face wash. Shaving is performed directly on the face skin, without any shaving foam. This means sensitive skin can become excessively dry and irritated. To prevent redness, you must apply face lotions or oils before the procedure.

Aloe Vera Face Wash, wow skin science, buywow

Hold the shaving scalpel at 45 degrees

Unlike waxing which goes against the hair’s grain, this method has to follow the hair’s growth direction. Dead skin cells are eliminated through repeated short strokes, so don’t use long movements.

Increase post-shaving protection

Shaved skin is more sensitive, so you need to apply cleaning lotion after the procedure is over to close the pores. Since ingrown hairs are common with this method, you should include natural face washes in your daily routine. If you have dry skin, it is recommended to apply moisturizing cream in the morning and the evening.

    Is shaving your facial hair bad?

    Knowing what we know now, we can safely say: No, shaving your facial hair as a woman is not dangerous. 

    Yes, there are downsides, but the advantages are far greater since dermaplaning makes the facial skin incredibly smooth. 

    Applying oil-based serums and face lotions will help minimize the disadvantages so you can enjoy the benefits of shaving to the full. 

    You can visit for a wide range of natural face products.

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