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Is Locking Your Hair Healthy? Best Products for Locking Hair


Locs, dreads, or dreadlocks, do these words ring any bells? Yes! Locs! Beautiful and trendy!

There are numerous strategies for maintaining a crown full of healthy locs, whether you've been loc-ing for years or are just getting started. Even if you prefer a low-maintenance routine, the appropriate products for locs can make a big difference in your hair's appearance, texture, and manageability.

Growing locs takes time, effort, and money, but the results are well worth it. After all, Ava DuVernay, Chloe and Halle Bailey of Chloe x Halle, Lena Waithe, and Lisa Bonét are among the most powerful women in Hollywood to wear them. They emanate a brilliance that is not only eye-catching, but also makes a powerful statement.

Where Do I start?

While tightly textured hair can be coiled and will naturally knit itself together over time, looser textures require the use of a physical tool, such as a mini crochet hook, to manipulate the hair. A loctician will use that tool to slide back and forth along the shaft of the lock, forcing the hair to coil within itself.

There are several different ways to lock hair and different techniques for different textures. One of the most important parts of locking hair is the products you use while locking and also the products used to maintain the locks at different stages of their growth. 

Typically, some sort of locking spray, locking butter, locking cream, locking pomade, locking gel or locking “elixir” can be used to twist and retwist locks. These products contain natural ingredients such as beeswax (for hold), oils (such as coconut oil) and butters (to seal in moisture and nourish the hair) and other compounds (such as aloe vera gel) that help soothe the roots during twisting. 

However, because your hair is unique, we highly recommend consulting a loctician about the best products you can use to twist and retwist your locs (if it’s even possible to do it yourself), taking into consideration your hair type and the stages of growth your locs are at. 

Do dreadlocks damage hair?

Well-maintained dreads do not damage your hair. However, ill-maintained, unwashed, or locs that are not properly dried after washing can ruin your hair and even lead to hair and scalp issues. Regular washing, cleansing, and air-drying your hair must be included in your hair care routine if you sport dreadlocks. 

Are dreadlocks very high-maintenance hairdos?

While most people are made to believe so, dreadlocks are not necessarily high maintenance if you know how to take care of them and choose the right hair care products for locs.

Is it difficult to unlock dreads? 

While, in some cases, dreadlocks can be extremely difficult to untangle, especially the unkempt types, with proper care and maintenance, unlocking dreadlocks can be done at professional salons. If your locs aren’t very complexly braided, you can also untangle them by using conditioners for smoothening and softening hair in copious amounts.

How to care for dreadlocks

To stay healthy and hydrated, dreadlocs require a lot of care and the right products for locs. It's also vital to consider your hair's texture. Hair that is curlier, for instance, is usually drier, which means that you'll probably need to take extra precautions when moisturizing your locs. 

Now, you might find that your locs don't need as much moisture as your loose hair did, but don't bet on it; you should still moisturize on a regular basis. Dry hair is prone to breakage, and brittle locs are the last thing you want! Use a lightweight oil to lock in water or a light leave-in hair moisturizer to quench your locs' thirst.

There is substantial debate in the dreadlock community over whether you should use a daily conditioner on your locs, as there is a risk that such products will loosen/damage your locs, especially if they are fresh. While some people like to use conditioner, we encourage using a lightweight hair oil or hair revitalizer instead. 

Also, please take into consideration that over-washing can dry out your scalp and cause peeling, itching, breakage, and thinning locks. So, even though locs are more prone to smells and buildup than loose hair, we recommend washing young locs once every 1-2 weeks, until they have had time to mature.

In the meanwhile, to freshen up your locs and make your hair look clean, healthy and shiny (as shiny as locs can be), we recommend using WOW 10-in-1 Hair Revitalizer.

This leave-in conditioner spray has a mild formula that helps your hair regain its shine and vitality. Its rich conditioning compounds improve moisture retention for locked hair, and strengthen hair roots. Leave it in all day and reap the benefits of the amazing natural ingredients in its composition.

There are no mineral oils, parabens, or synthetic fragrances in this product enriched with quality natural ingredients and vitamins that help boost hair growth. It aids in root-to-tip frizz control, stronger roots, fewer split ends, dramatically improved hair texture, dandruff prevention, hair breakage protection, hair fall management, increased luster, and intensive hydration. 

Most importantly, WOW 10-in-1 Hair Revitalizer has a non-sticky, non-greasy formula that you can trust will give your locs all the hydration they need without weighing them down or loosen them.

For lustrous and trendy locs, spray a little bit of this product, massage it onto the scalp and hair and leave it on. 

Flaunt your locs like you own the world, but don't forget to take good care of your dreadlocked hair. Show off your hair and boost your confidence with this powerful hairstyle statement!

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