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How to Stop Hair Breakage

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Hair breakage affects both men and women and can make your hair look thin and lifeless. Contrary to popular belief, hair breakage is not the same as hair fall and requires different treatment. Hair fall is when your hair falls off from its root. Hair breakage, on the other hand, is when the shaft of your hair breaks. In this case, the hair does not fall from the root. It simply breaks in between and affects your hair volume. While hair fall can generally be linked to poor diet, genetics, internal health conditions, etc., hair breakage is usually due to excessive heat, chemicals, etc. 

However, there can be several other reasons behind hair breakage, some of which have been discussed below. 

Table of contents 

  • What causes hair breakage?
  • How to stop hair breakage?
  • What products help with hair breakage?

What causes hair breakage?

Hair breakage can be due to a number of reasons, such as:

  • Styling products: The most obvious cause of hair breakage is heat. Styling products that use excessive heat can damage the hair shaft and cause breakage. A study conducted to analyze the negative effects of blow dryers showed that hair shafts become more damaged as the blow dryer’s temperature was increased. This damage can cause the hair to break. 
  • No moisture: Dry hair tends to be more brittle. So, if your hair lacks moisture, you are likely to suffer from hair breakage. Your hair loses its moisture if you use a lot of heat on it. It can also dry out in hot and humid temperatures. 
  • Shampoos: A study showed that the pH level of shampoo could cause hair breakage by causing friction between the hair strands. The study stated that if a person with a scalp pH of 5.5 and a hair shaft pH of 3.67 used an alkaline shampoo, the friction between the fibers would increase. 
  • Excessive combing or brushing: Combing your hair too often or vigorously can also lead to hair breakage. Experts recommend brushing your hair only when you need to style it. 
  • Tight rubber bands: Tying your hair very tightly can weaken your hair and cause breakage. The material of the hair tie can also cause breakage. 
  • Towel drying: Rubbing your hair aggressively with a towel when it is wet can cause breakage. 

Now that you know what causes hair breakage, find out how to stop hair breakage.

How to stop hair breakage?

If you suffer from hair breakage, you can try the following things:

  • Avoid chemicals: Use mild shampoos and paraben, and sulfate-free products on your hair. In addition to this, avoid coloring or other hair treatments that use harsh chemicals. And if you must, then pick a good brand and limit the number of times you color your hair or get a treatment. You can also shift to natural products like henna.
  • Drink more water: Approximately 10 to 13 percent of your hair is made up of water. So, stay hydrated to keep your hair healthy and nourished. This will reduce breakage. 

  • Moisturise more: Dryness leads to hair breakage. Hence, moisturize your hair more often. You can give your hair a nice hot oil massage or use a deep conditioning hair mask. Regular use of a conditioner after a shampoo also keeps your hair moisturized and hydrated. 
  • Limit the use of styling tools: Avoid using too much heat on your hair with hair straighteners, curling irons, etc. The lower the heat, the better it is for your hair. Also, if you must use a hairdryer, know how to use it correctly. Studies show that using a hairdryer at a distance of 15 cm with continuous motion can cause less damage than drying your hair naturally. So, use the tool properly to avoid damage. 
  • Do not tie your hair tightly: Let your hair down every now and then, and do not tie a tight pony all the time. Also, stick to soft materials like silk to avoid friction.
  • Use mild shampoos: Use plant-based shampoos to limit chemical exposure. Also, consult a dermatologist for a shampoo recommendation if you suffer from excessive hair breakage. 

These measures can help you reduce hair breakage and also reduce split ends. In addition to this, if your hair is too damaged and full of split ends, consider getting a haircut. Regular haircuts keep split ends away and allow your hair to grow faster. Celebrity hairstylist Adhuna Bhabani recommends regular haircuts as her mantra for healthy hair. Eating healthy also improves hair health. 

What products help with hair breakage?

You can use the following products to reduce hair breakage:

Shampoos and conditioners:

Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo And Coconut/Avocado Oil Conditioner Pack: Apple cider vinegar can moisturize your hair and hence help stop breakage. The combination of ACV, coconut oil, and avocado oil can moisturize and nourish the hair from root to tip.

Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo And Coconut/Avocado Oil Conditioner

Activated Charcoal & Keratin Shampoo
: Charcoal removes dirt from your scalp, and the keratin strengthens the hair. Together, this combination makes your hair healthier and nourished. 

Activated Charcoal & Keratin Shampoo

Red Onion Shampoo and Conditioner Set
: Onion is one of the oldest natural remedies for hair fall and breakage. This red onion shampoo and conditioner offer your hair the same goodness minus the smell. 

Red Onion Shampoo and Conditioner

Hair oils:

Onion Black Seed Hair Oil with Almond, Castor, Jojoba, Olive & Coconut Oils: An oil massage can be excellent to moisturize the hair shaft and reduce frizz from your hair. This non-sticky and fast-absorbing blend of cold-pressed oils helps hydrate dry hair. 

Onion Black Seed Hair Oil

Castor Oil
: Castor oil can is a natural emollient and, therefore, helps hydrate your hair strands. This 100% pure castor oil can be an all-natural way to improve your hair health. 

Castor Oil

Hair masks: 

Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Mask For Dry, Damaged Hair: Ideal for dyed or heat/chemically styled hair, this mask helps replenish damaged hair strands.  

Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Mask For Color-Treated Hair
: If you have colored hair, you can add this hair mask to your hair care routine. It can help your hair regain its natural softness and prolong the lifespan of your hair color.

Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Mask

Leave-in conditioner:

Hair Revitalizer Spray: This easy-to-use and on-the-go product takes away the hassles of oiling and hair masks and provides nourishment to your hair.

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