How To Combat Oily Hair

Some people are able to go about not washing their hair for days and still have healthy and textured locks of hair. 

But that isn’t the case for many of us. 

Regardless if you have curly or thin hair, all it takes is a single day without washing for the hair to start getting greasy. If you’re tired of the usual “advice” like using dry shampoo or washing your hair less then this post is for you! 

Find The Cause

It can be frustrating to think about the exact cause of your oily hair. All you want to do is get rid of it right now!

But this step is important as not all remedies are created equal. There’s plenty of companies creating very specific hair products because many of us have individual biological needs that call for individual solutions.

1. Hormones

This is one of the most common causes of oily hair. It isn’t exactly the main trigger but it can play a large role towards your oily hair issue. 

Factors like menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, and taking certain medications are all potential triggers of oily hair. 

2. Styling

If you’re a fan of straightening irons, the oils from your roots can more easily find their way towards the rest of your hair shaft. 

This is common if you don’t have naturally straight hair as you have more oils on your scalp. The heat from blow dryers can also dry out your scalp and cause it to produce excess sebum. 

Another commonly overlooked factor is your hairstyle. If you tie your hair up almost every single day, this can cause your scalp to accumulate heat and dirt, triggering sebum production. 

This is also the case with tighter hairstyles that pull on your roots. 

3. Stress

Having a stressful lifestyle or work situation does play a role but how you respond to stress plays a role too. 

If you touch your hair frequently, this also contributes to your oily hair. We usually do it out of habit as a response to stress even in minor situations. 

Why You Still Have Oily Hair

The reason you are struggling with finding a solution that lasts with oily hair is usually because of not giving your scalp enough time to recover. 

That’s almost always the case as many people suffering from oily hair are always looking for an answer. But because they haven’t given it enough time, the condition persists and they’re unsure of how to move forward.

Another notorious reason for still having oily hair is using the wrong products. Sometimes you find the perfect shampoo and it works for a short period of time and your oily hair condition comes back.

The Solution

When you have oily hair, your scalp is now sensitive and needs time to recover. Dry shampoos and other hair products contain harsh ingredients that only aggravate the scalp. 

This is why we recommend going natural with your products. Be sure to give it at least 8 weeks to 3 months to see its full effects. These natural shampoo sets are amazing for dealing with oily hair effectively while keeping your scalp in peak health!

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