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Finding Answers To ‘Is Mayonnaise Good For Your Hair?’


Until recently, the only thing that used to pop up in my head when hearing the word mayonnaise was the flavor and yumminess it added to my grilled cheese sandwich and burgers. However, a few weeks back, I saw my best friend apply a hair pack made with this creamy dip. Seeing my perplexed state, she helped me understand that this ingredient present in our pantry isn't just good for our food, but can work exceptionally well for our mane also. If you’re also wondering how it can improve the health of your locks, then dive in. Check this article to know all about the benefits of mayonnaise and different DIY masks made with this ingredient that can make your strands shine and look their best.  

Table of Contents 

  1. Benefits Of Mayonnaise For Your Hair
  2. DIY Mayonnaise Hair Mask Recipes

Benefits Of Mayonnaise For Your Hair

  • Enhances hair growth: Mayonnaise is packed with powerful ingredients such as egg yolk. Enriched with essential vitamins A, D, E, fatty acids, amino acids, and biotin, egg yolk boosts the growth of your hair and keeps it well-nourished. A study conducted on egg yolk states that the potent ingredient indeed thickens your hair follicles and promotes healthy growth as well. 
  • Maintains the pH level of your scalp: Vinegar present in mayonnaise (particularly if you’re using apple cider vinegar) is infused with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that work well to keep the pH level of your scalp balanced. Moreover, as per research and studies, it also helps reduce dandruff. 
  • Treats lice: Lice are a fairly common issue, especially in school-going children. A study conducted on elementary schoolchildren revealed that mayonnaise works extremely well in reducing lice present in hair. It is also extremely helpful with the irritation and itching caused by lice. 
  • Moisturizes your hair: Mayonnaise contains excellent ingredients such as egg yolk, vinegar, soybean oil, and canola oil. All of these, in combination, provide deep hydration to your scalp and keep it nourished. 
  • Tames frizziness: The deep and intense conditioning agent works well to smoothen your messy strands and minimizes the unruly and frizzy hair to make it easily manageable. 
  • Enhances the texture of your hair: The moisturizing and hydrating properties of mayonnaise can significantly improve the texture of your locks and make them satiny smooth, silky soft, and voluminous. 

DIY Mayonnaise Hair Mask Recipes

Hair masks made with mayonnaise alone or in combination with other powerful ingredients can help you easily attain those envy-worthy long, smooth, and bouncy locks. Here are a few hair masks that I’ve tried on and have fallen in love with:

  • Mayonnaise and coconut oil mask: Several studies have been conducted on the powerful and soothing coconut oil. This deeply penetrative oil hydrates your hair from within and strengthens the shaft and follicles. Coconut oil, in combination with mayonnaise, will leave your hair free of dryness and make it super smooth. 

The onion black seed hair oil from WOW Skin Science is infused with the goodness of coconut oil, alongside other nourishing hair oils, and can be effectively used for this hair mask.  

  • Mayonnaise with essential oils hair mask: Several essential oils with their rich aroma, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are known to work wonders for various hair care woes and other health issues as well. You can easily make a hair mask with mayonnaise and any essential oil of your choice for enhanced benefits to your scalp and hair from roots to tip. 

WOW Skin Science is one brand that has formulated a wide range of amazing essential oils with soothing, subtle, and fruity scents that can easily combat the smell of mayonnaise. Make your own moisturizing hair mask by adding any one of these 100% pure essential oils and witness a noticeable difference in your tresses. 

A word of caution: The mayonnaise will act as a carrier for the essential oils, but you should still make sure to use them sparingly. 

  • Mayonnaise and Coconut milk hair mask: Coconut milk is an active ingredient that works well to reduce the frizziness of your tresses. A hair mask made with coconut milk can actively nourish your brittle locks, reduce hair fall due to breakage and smoothen your dry mane to keep your hair silky, shiny, and easily manageable. WOW Skin Science has formulated a coconut milk mask that serves all your hair needs. This mask, when mixed with mayonnaise, can provide multifold benefits to your hair. 

Simply mix the two ingredients and observe your hair getting frizz-free and ultra-shinny within no time. 

  • Mayonnaise and Avocado: Avocado is one powerful ingredient packed with essential nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants, and fatty acids. It helps fight well against dry, rough, and unruly hair. Mixing mayonnaise with avocado can replenish your weak and damaged hair with an essential amount of hydration and strength. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is mayonnaise good for dandruff?

Yes, if you’re suffering from dandruff and have an itchy scalp, applying mayonnaise (“seasoned” with apple cider vinegar) can effectively help you get rid of the bacteria and fungus present in your scalp. 

2. Is banana good for your hair?

Yes, banana works exceptionally well on hair. Enriched with potassium, vitamins, and natural oils, it works well to keep your hair soft, smooth, elastic, and easily manageable. 

3. Does mayonnaise help your hair grow faster?

The significant amount of protein present in mayonnaise works well to strengthen your hair follicles and keep them thick. It also help to minimize damage caused to your hair and to promote healthy hair growth. 


Using new and never-tried products and adding them to your beauty regimen can be quite a scary prospect, but mayonnaise is one ingredient that you can never go wrong with. It provides you with the freedom to not completely depend on chemically enriched hair care products for deeply moisturized and nourished hair.

Experiment with any one of these DIY hair mask recipes to get vibrant, frizz-free, and super smooth tresses like never before!

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