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Fall Beauty Products: The Best Skincare Routine for Autumn

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If you’re wondering how summer is already over, we’re right there with you! Fall has officially started, evidenced by cooler temperatures and chilly weather that we were all desperately wishing for. It’s time to switch up your beauty routine and keep your skin in balance to prevent irritation, breakouts, and more!

Why Do I Need To Change My Routine? What Happens to Your Skin in Autumn?

During the hot summer months we just experienced, we kept our skincare routines light to not clog our pores and create more oil throughout the day. Now that the transition to cooler temperatures is happening, we see more dryness starting to pop up. Your skin is the largest organ, and the first barrier against the outside extremities. It’s no wonder why our skin is the first thing to really change from the shift in the weather, as it’s attempting to balance from the outside changes.

With the increase in skin dryness and flakiness, also comes the issue of irritation, itchiness and the exacerbation of skin conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, or eczema. Updating your routine with the best fall beauty products will help combat these irritants, while keeping that healthy glow you love!

Exfoliate Your Face

With the dry weather and cooler temperatures, there comes a need to get rid of those pesky, flaky pieces of skin that make your skin, and makeup look uneven and patchy. Exfoliating is a great way to remove the top layer of dead skin cells, allowing for your skincare to better penetrate the skin and work harder for you! The WOW Skin Science Apple Cider Vinegar Face Wash W/ Brush is plant-powered to deep clean your skin, balance your pH levels, and fight bacteria and fungi that causes acne and other skin conditions. Combined with the hypoallergenic silicone brush for a hands-free, and gentle cleanse that you can trust to get the job done!

Hydrate Dry Skin

The need for hydration is very real right now. In addition to the increasing cold temperatures and scathing winds, the recurring climate disasters are having negative effects on your skin barrier health. Not to mention that there is still a global pandemic happening, and just because the temperatures have started to dip, doesn’t mean that everyone can be going back to their old routines of trick-or-treating or holiday parties, etc. -- everyone must do their part! With social distancing measures comes the continued effects of ‘maskne’ and worsening skin conditions. 

This added need for hydration doesn’t stop at your face. We think that self-care is holistic and includes caring for the entire body! The hard work our skin goes through to protect our organs can weaken it, especially if there is no constant rehydration and protection of the skin barrier. Combat this with WOW Skin Science Shea & Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Lotion to quench dry skin with nourishing butters, and fights damage to the skin barrier. This form of hydration is also good for your skin long term, because it is able to help boost more collagen and soothe any skin inflammation that can be worsened by lower temperatures. If you suffer from very dry, itchy, and flaky skin most of the year, try a thicker formula like WOW Skin Science Body Butter in Mango, Moringa, or Rich Olive. Any of these body butters will provide an added boost of hydration and soothing nourishment to your skin, with a lovely scent as well!

Fight Frizzy Hair

Something you may have forgotten about in your beauty routine is hydrating your hair! It can be a lost cause for many people who think it is best to just let it be. While this is okay for those months that your scalp is producing enough oils to nourish your strands, it needs help to stand against the elements during colder weather. The big issue with frizz, flat hair, split ends, and breakage is the lack of hydration. Use WOW Skin Science Onion Black Seed Hair Oil for dry scalp/hair to nourish and boost your hair health. These time-tested ingredients work best in a hot oil treatment, which uses warm oil to deep condition your hair. Apply 30-60 minutes before shampooing, leaving on overnight for best results. 

Add a natural boost to your beauty routine with WOW Skin Science’s 100% pure essential oils! Tea Tree and Frankincense Essential Oil are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and more, which help fight what causes skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc. You can add a drop into your nighttime moisturizer, shampoo, body butter, and more! Always test out an essential oil with a patch test, and dilute it with a carrier oil like castor, jojoba, or coconut oil if you want to use it on its own. 


We hope these tips help you pivot your beauty routine for the changing temperatures. It is important to keep in mind that the weather is only going to get colder with climate change. In order to not experience aggravated skin conditions, start taking preventative care of your hair, skin, face, and body with WOW’s naturally effective products. Good luck!

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