3 Face Wash Mistakes You May Be Making


You may be consistent with washing your face every day but still be experiencing signs like breakouts, oily skin, and dryness. 

The skin on our faces is arguably the most sensitive area on our bodies. Here are some of the common culprits that are causing you problems. 

1. Using Hot Water 

It may feel really good sudsing your face with comforting, hot water. But we highly recommend you skip it! Hot water opens up your pores, which makes your skin lose a lot more moisture when cleansing. 

Switch out for lukewarm or cold water instead, especially if you are using traditional cleansers. Many face wash products are pretty harsh on the skin and already have a drying effect on the skin. Using hot water only makes this worse. 

Other than drying out the skin, hot water also causes redness due to the direct exposure to heat which causes more sebum production as your blood capillaries dilate. 

2. Not Exfoliating Properly

Exfoliating your skin can be a delicate process, do it too much and you could irritate your skin. Do it too little and you start to break out. 

Sloughing away those dead skin cells is very important as the dead skin build-up can prevent products from doing their magic as they can’t penetrate the skin. But the problem with exfoliating is some products contain unnecessarily sharp beads with jagged edges as they cause microscopic tears in the skin. Beads definitely help with cleansing but they need to be gentle on the skin. 

Some of you may have sensitive skin and may avoid exfoliating your skin too much. In these cases, you may be under-exfoliating which means you are probably leaving residue on your skin that clog your pores. 

Using a face wash with a gentle exfoliating brush that’s made with soft, silicone bristles like the WOW Vitamin C Face Wash can really help with this. 

3. Using The Wrong Cleanser 

This is honestly one of the most common mistakes made as there are numerous cleansing products in the market. Depending on your skin type, you would need to pick an appropriate cleanser. Some cleansers are too oily and others may be too harsh. 

The safest choice would be to choose a gentle formula that’s non-comedogenic, non-irritating, and does not contain harsh chemicals like sulfates. Our WOW Skin Science Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash is made with a gentle formula that’s appropriate for oily or combination skin, sensitive skin, and even dry skin. 

Shop the WOW Skin Science Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash.

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