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Essential Oils for Weight Loss


Struggling with your weight loss plan? Frustrated from hitting a plateau? If you’re looking for a solution, WOW Essential Oils can be a valuable tool in supporting your current weight loss strategy! We’ll tell you all about the best essential oils for weight loss!

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Which are the best essential oils for weight loss?

Check out these cold-pressed essential oils for your weight loss journey:

Sweet Orange

Sweet Orange Essential Oil, one of the best essential oils for weight loss, is widely used in aromatherapy for its mood-lifting, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic & sedative properties that deliver a number of health & wellness benefits. Detox and, uplift your mood and motivation to support your weight loss goals with orange essential oil!.


Which essential oil improves digestion? Lemon Essential Oil is full of minerals and vitamins like vitamin C. The stimulating and calming properties of this essential oil promote a positive mood, which is helpful for motivating your workouts. It also works to enhance your body’s detox and supports healthy digestion. 


Inhaling or diffusing Rosemary Essential Oil for five minutes can help reduce the level of your body’s main stress hormone -– cortisol, helping, in turn, promote weight loss. Try keeping a small bottle next to your bed or in your workplace desk, adding a few drops to a diffusing necklace to reduce stress and improve motivation. Having a sense of calmness before mealtime can also help you make better decisions about what you are putting on your plate and in your body. I try to use this tool while grocery shopping to help me focus on choosing healthier options and avoiding those dangerous snack aisles. 

woman using essential oils

Let's be real, using essential oils by themselves won't help you lose weight. Instead, you need to incorporate a number of healthy habits like taking a daily 30 minute walk, meal prepping healthy meals, and tracking your habits.

You can supercharge these positive health habits with just a few drops of the essential oils mentioned above. Overcome common roadblocks that can challenge weight loss goals, like fatigue, digestive problems, inflammation, sweet tooth cravings, and lack of motivation.

Weight loss is a journey with a lot of ups and downs. Consistency is key and your health is the most important factor. Remember that quick results do come at a cost, and to consult with a specialist if you’re questioning your journey. Best of luck!

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