Creative Ways to Use Essential Oils


There seems to be a massive hype around essential oils all over the world. If you search the phrase "Essential Oil DIY," you can discover plenty of recipes that you might love. This is the reason why we thought of sharing some of our most favorite recipes with you. 

But, before we start, what exactly are essential oils? Most people think they're just fragrant oils, which is partly true. However, unlike fragrance oils, essential oils are formulated from different parts of plants, whereas fragrance oils are usually not natural and sometimes even synthetic. So, with proper dilution, essential oils are much easier on the skin than fragrance oils. 

1. Deodorizer

Don't you just love it when you use a commercial room freshener and voila! Now your house smells like chemicals that burn away the nose hair. Why not just make a simple DIY deodorizing spray right at home with one of our essential oils!

All you need are three ingredients; distilled water, essential oils of your choice, and rubbing alcohol (or a spirit of any kind). Mix one cup of water to two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol with 5-10 drops of essential oil to your liking. 

Essential oils are also really great as a natural deodorant. Simply dabbing a few drops on your wrists and neck can go a long way with body odor. We recommend using oil like WOW Eucalyptus Essential Oil for this.


2. Using a Necklace Diffuser

This precious little diffuser goes well with almost any outfit you have. On top of having a cute diffuser nestled on your neck, everyone will catch how good you smell wherever you go! 

We recommend the WOW Sweet Orange Essential Oil for this. It has a sweet, citrusy aroma that evokes a sense of joy & warmth. All it takes is a few drops onto one of the diffuser pads in the necklace!

You’ll walk around with a persistently good mood that lasts all day!

3. Massage

Imagine this scenario. You've spent an excruciating week at work, and you come home to your partner on a Friday night. He/she has set up an at-home massage for you, with scented candles in your bedroom. A massage that makes you feel light and breezy and helps you let go of all your worries and stress, even though it might only be for a few moments. Who wouldn't want that? 

Not everyone has the luxury to visit a spa every day, so why not bring it to your bedroom? Simply get one of our essential oils (we recommend the WOW Tea Tree Essential Oil!) and massage it onto your neck or soles of your feet (remember to read instructions and use carrier oils while applying directly on the skin) before going to bed. 

There's nothing like a good massage at the end of a stressful day. You can pair up the massage with a nice bubbly bath with a bath bomb, some peppermint essential oil, maybe a bath steamer with your partner on Friday night while drinking wine.


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    I want essential oil for healing I am paralyzed and for relaxation

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    I received your wow petrulli essence oil today unfortunately the writing on the box is too small for me to read what is the best way to use this product and how can I use it to where on my body

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