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Choosing The Best Shampoo for Teenage Girls: What to Look For

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Have you been wishing you had a Hairy Godmother who'd grant you your wish of having gorgeous, luscious, itch-free hair to boost your teenage confidence? Well, I'm as close as you'd get to having a Hairy Godmother. Good thing I'm a hair expert - years and years of training my curly hair and treating the problems that come with it have certified me. And, girl, if you can tame unruly curls, you might as well be assembling rocket ships! This piece I dedicate to young beauties looking for the best shampoo for teenage girl hair problems. 

"And yes, I do mean hairy godmother and not fairy godmother. 

I know, how puntastic, no?"  ;)

Before I let you in on my secret to healthy, long, and frizz-free hair, it's important we understand what are some common hair problems that all of us have to deal with, and teen beauties a little more than the rest of us. 

Common Hair Problems & What Causes Them

Greasy & Oily Hair

Primarily the root cause for greasy and oily hair is sebum. What is sebum? Sebum is a waxy substance produced naturally by the sebaceous glands under our skin and scalp. Sebum moisturizes, coats, and protects our scalp & hair, but in excess, it can leave you with very oily, flat, and sometimes stinky hair. 

Many factors contribute to excessive sebum production & oily hair, including, but not limited to, dietary habits, weather conditions, hormonal fluctuations, medications, stress, and poor hair hygiene. 

Dandruff & Flakes 

About 50% of people living on earth have had dandruff at some point in their life; you're not alone, sis! 

As common as this problem is, in some cases it can be highly irritating and can prove to be a hindrance in a teenager's social life. 

In order to deal with dandruff correctly, it's important to understand the root cause behind it. Anything from dry skin, not shampooing enough, and using the wrong hair care products to skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and a fungus called Malassezia could be the root of your dandruff struggles.  

Brittle Hair & Stagnant Growth 

Your hair health greatly depends on genetics - some of us are just not blessed by the hair gods. "Don't worry about it, girl; there's still hope for us! I promise, I've been through it and will help you too - just keep reading."

Sometimes your body simply cannot provide your hair with the right nutrients in the right amounts that it needs - this often results in either brittle, dry hair that breaks very easily or a complete shutdown on hair growth and, in some unfortunate cases, a combination of both. 

Other factors like stress, medication, pollution, and what you eat also contribute to weak, brittle hair and slow or stagnant hair growth. 


Frizz is a classical hair problem and largely a result of dry hair reacting to humid weather. It is caused when the outer layer of dry hair reacts to (absorbs) the moisture in the air. 

There's little you can do to control the weather, but there are ways you can train your hair not to react the way it does. 

Dull & lackluster hair

What are the telling characteristics of dull hair? No moisture, no shine, and no body - it's as simple as that. 

What causes dull hair? To put it briefly, dull hair results from a mix of factors like a lack of nutrients, using harsh hair care products, and overusing heat-inducing gadgets for styling and treating hair. 

Well, these are some of the most common hair problems that all ladies at different points in their life have faced or will face - if not all at once, but at least one at a given time, in a Russian roulette kind of way. 

Hey there teens, I'm just preparing you for reality, and while I'm at that, I'll also give you the 'hair wisdom' you need to better your hair game. 

  • Don't under or overwash your hair. It takes a while to figure out, but find out what works for you. 
  • Oil your hair at least twice a week, even if you tend to have greasy hair - we'll cover sebum control too in this piece. 
  • Brush your hair only when necessary and do it gently. How you stroke affects the texture of your hair. 
  • Moisturize your hair - it is important. 
  • Eat healthy - it matters. 
  • Lastly, get a shampoo that actually works for you and not just something that smells good. 

By now, you've probably identified what is your area of concern and what needs to change about your hair and hair care routine. Finding the best products, especially finding the best shampoo for teenage girl hair, can seem like a difficult task, but that's what I'm here for! 

Here are three shampoos that work for me and my friends; I know these would work for you too because of the ingredients that have been used to formulate these. I was a teenager not too long ago (yes, your godmother is not ancient!) and have used some of these ingredients in home remedies back then. 

Finding The Best Shampoo For Teenage Girl Hair Problems 

Onion Oil Shampoo 

Onion Oil Shampoo

Onions are rich in sulfur and collagen. While sulfur is known to strengthen hair and reduce hair loss, collagen is famous for its skin cell rejuvenating properties that stimulate new hair growth. 

As per a 2018 research published in the Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics, Onion Shampoos provide necessary nutrients to the hair and also help in moisturizing dry hair & scalp besides promoting hair growth. 

Argan Oil Shampoo

Argan Oil Shampoo

The most common cause of dandruff for most people is a dry scalp. Argan Oil, a staple in hair & skin routines, is a rich source of Vitamin E, Fatty Acids, and Proteins - all three are popular as natural hair & skin enhancers. With its great moisturizing ability, Argan Oil rejuvenates & smoothens the scalp and increases the moisture-retaining capacity of the scalp, thereby reducing dandruff and correcting the damage caused by it. 

Besides dandruff, Argan Oil also helps in controlling frizz. 

Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

Much like Argan Oil, Apple cider vinegar is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties, i.e., it helps reduce dandruff. However, it's also a high source of Vitamin B & C, both known to help hair growth and texture improvement. In addition to its many benefits, this rich source of minerals & vitamins helps restore the pH balance of the scalp, which results in controlled sebum production, therefore, in turn, leaving you with fresh, smooth, and non-greasy hair. 

Congratulations, you've completed Hair Care 101 with your new favorite Hairy Godmother. Wait no more; check out the recommended shampoos and find the best shampoo for teenage girl hair woes that suits you the best. 

Deepika Varma

A true millennial, ready to try anything new and having a word to write about everything. A PhD in "you do you but I'm going to tell you what you should, anyway". At least I give good advice! ;)

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