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Can Long Hair Cause Headaches?

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Those who have beautiful long hair worth flaunting and styling in different ways can vouch for the fact that maintaining their long locks is no easy feat. One common visitor that might be visiting way too often, all thanks to your thick and luscious locks, is the mind-numbing painful headache. Sometimes the pain can feel so excruciating that you might think of chopping off your hair. But giving up on your tresses for which you've made so much effort and spent years isn't easy. If this is a situation you're dealing with at present, dive into this article for solutions. Keep reading to find a solution to your headache without having to let go of your lush locks.  

Table of Contents

  • Causes Of Long Hair Triggered Headaches
  • Tips To Get Rid Of Headaches 

Causes Of Long Hair Triggered Headaches

You might be committing several mistakes with your long hair that could be adding up to cause a severe headache. Here are the major causes of headaches that are triggered by having long hair.

  • Too tight hairstyles: We all like styling our hair in different ways and experimenting with various styles. But often tight hairdos such as ponytails and that chignon style can cause excruciating headaches. As per a study conducted by the researchers at The City Of London Migraine Clinic, the majority of women suffer from tension headaches that are caused by these tight hairstyles. 
  • Hair extensions: Hair extensions seems like the best option when the natural length of your hair is short. We all prefer adding some volume and bounce to our locks by adding extensions to them. But these extensions pull your scalp and follicles severely, causing the nerves to weaken and tension to build up in your scalp. 
  • Thicker strands: Some people with long hair have thin strands, while others have thicker locks. Those who have thick strands often end up with headaches due to the weight of their hair putting a strain on their neck. 
  • Hair accessories: Choice of hair accessories such as ties and hairbands could also be a significant factor contributing to your increasing headaches. Tying your hair with flimsy fabric hair accessories such as rubber can stretch your hair follicles and cause headaches. Opt for hair accessories made of fabric, such as silk or satin.  

Tips To Get Rid Of Headaches 

Follow these simple tips to keep your headaches at bay and maintain your long hair with ease. 

  • Effective essential oils for relief: Different essential oils formulated with premium quality ingredients can effectively help to treat your headaches and migraines as well. WOW Skin Science has formulated a range of all-natural essential oils rich in compounds that are very soothing in nature. 

Several of these essential oils can help relieve your headache effectively.

As per a study conducted in 2012, inhalation and application of lavender essential oil can help you safely treat and manage your migraine and tension headaches. For topical applications, make sure to always dilute it. 

 lavender essential oil

Rosemary essential oil is also an effective treatment for headaches. A 2008
study has validated the anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties of the oil.  

Rosemary essential oil

have also stated that the application of peppermint oil to your temples and forehead (always diluted properly) can help ease your tension headaches. 

peppermint oil

Eucalyptus, Tea tree and lemon essential oil are a few other formulations that can help relieve your stress and tension headaches. 

Eucalyptus oil
  • Braid your hair: Wearing your long hair in loose braids can provide strength to the roots of your hair and minimize hair breakage. Braiding your long thick locks is the most comfortable hairdo that can help you avoid messy knots and tangled strands of hair. 
  • Deep cleanse your hair: Build-up of residue, dust, grime, and oil in your scalp can often indirectly lead to tension headaches, especially if you have long hair. It's always advised to frequently clean your hair with a gentle, yet effective, shampoo that can deeply clean it and remove all sorts of residue without stripping away the natural oils of your scalp. 

Choose from the range of premium quality lightweight shampoos from WOW Skin Science the one that can provide your hair with all the love that it needs. 

  • Experiment with your hair parting: Changing your hairstyle from time to time and the way you part your hair can also provide some sort of relief to your scalp as well as your roots, thus preventing headaches. If you’re someone who’s been parting their hair from the center for long, then experiment and try parting it from sideways to observe some sort of relaxation. 
  • Oiling your hair: Oiling your locks has always been the most recommended tip to keep your hair hydrated, silky, tangle-free. Not only does an excellent hair oil help with these hair care woes, but it also ensures a significant decline in the headaches caused due to long hair. Invest in an all-natural hair oil made from rich ingredients that can provide your hair with intense nourishment from roots to tips.

The hair oils from WOW Skin Science have several benefits that you can reap with regular use and the products are suitable for all hair types. Make your choice of hair oil as per your preferences, and let it take care of your annoying headaches. 

hair oils

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why does the scalp hurt when hair is dirty?

When your hair is dirty, the scalp is suffocated by build-up dirt, grime, and sweat which can irritate it, sometimes even leading to headaches. 

2. Can ponytails cause hair loss?

Yes, a tight ponytail can put immense pressure on your hair follicles, further leading to hair fall and even traction alopecia. 

3. Do buns give you headaches?

Yes, your hair styled in a tight bun tends to pull on your hair follicles and irritate the nerves on your scalp, which could lead to a headache. 


Silky long hair is difficult to attain and is a dream for women all around. Long locks allow you to experiment with different hairstyles and flaunt your tresses in a crowd full of people. Hopefully, these tips and hair care products will help you get that much-needed respite from those frequent headaches without having to compromise on the length of your hair. 

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