Black Seed Oil Benefits for Hair


Black seeds are the seeds of Nigella Sativa or the Black Cumin plant. It is cultivated with a high yield for use in the pharmaceutical as it has numerous medicinal properties. Black Seeds are also commonly used in folk medicine and various other alternative medicine fields like Ayurveda.

It is native to South Asia and widely grown in Mediterranean regions, and mid-Europe.

The oils extracted from these seeds are jam-packed with nutrients and possess a variety of benefits.

Anti Inflammatory

The active compounds in these seeds have properties that help with alleviating or soothing any inflammation on the scalp. Our scalp is constantly exposed to various aggressors like pollution, dirt, and harsh chemicals.

Over time, symptoms like itching and swelling can occur and cause discomfort. Black Seed Oils can help with helping with these conditions with proper application.

Anti Bacterial

Black Seed Oils also contain antibacterial or antimicrobial properties which can help with keeping any possible infections at bay for your scalp. Dandruff, oils, and product buildup can lead to a non-ideal environment that may promote bacterial growth.

This may prevent your roots from functioning well and can be a possible cause of hair loss and even breakage. Follicles aren’t able to grow with full vigor and any products used will be unable to be absorbed into the strands and scalp.

Using Black Seed Oils

Black Seeds are filled with numerous essential vitamins and minerals that are great for richer hair growth and having a healthier scalp. We were so fascinated by this natural ingredient and its holistic benefits for the hair that we decided to formulate it into a product.

The WOW Red Onion Black Seed Shampoo And Conditioner Set are made with Black Seed Oil & Red Onion Seed Oil Extracts for shinier hair & stronger strands. The shampoo set is made to rejuvenate your follicles naturally and to clarify any scalp buildup without stripping away any natural oils.

Most shampoos are made with harsh ingredients like alcohol and sulfates for fast results but they dry out the scalp. The Conditioner is made to nourish any damaged strands and restore it back to its vibrant, voluminous appearance.

Black Seed oils are rich in fatty acids which makes it excellent for keeping the follicles well hydrated and fortified. They’re also great for protecting your follicles from protein loss and UV damage.

Shop the WOW Red Onion Black Seed Shampoo And Conditioner Set.

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