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Best Summer Essential Oils: Our Top 7 Picks


Did you know that some essential oils have very strong cooling properties? This makes them an excellent way of lowering one's body temperature naturally. Let’s discover together the best essential oils to keep at hand in summer to freshen up after a sweaty day + more!

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Are essential oils safe to use in the sun?

How to avoid the phototoxic effects of essential oils?

7 essential oils (and blends) to keep you cool during summer

  • Peppermint essential oil

  • Rosemary essential oil

  • Purify Essential Oil Blend

  • Sheer Bliss Essential Oil Blend

  • Revitalize Essential Oil Blend

  • Focus X Essential Oil Blend

  • Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend

Are essential oils safe to use in the sun?

Essential oils are wonderful additions to your wellness regimens. However, as the days grow longer and the sun becomes stronger, you must be careful while applying certain oils to your skin. If exposed to sunlight immediately after application, some essential oils, particularly citrus oils, can cause photosensitivity. Redness, blistering, and rashes are some of the common effects of phototoxicity.

How to avoid the phototoxic effects of essential oils?

Essential oils are excellent for enhancing your mood and deodorizing the air throughout the summer. The good news is that you may achieve these benefits by simply diffusing the oils, which totally eliminates the photosensitivity effects.

Additionally, you can:

  • Dilute and apply the essential oils to your soles, on the back of your neck, under your hair, or behind the ears.
  • You can apply diluted essential oils to any part of your body that will not be exposed to the sun (like on your shoulders or back, if you’re wearing a t-shirt).

For the next 12 to 36 hours, avoid exposing to direct sunlight the parts of your body on which you’ve applied the oils.

Essential oils (and blends) to keep you cool during summer

While these essential oils are great for refreshing during hot weather, it is vital to hydrate your body too. Make sure to drink plenty of water and limit your exposure to the sun.

Here are our top 7 picks for the best summer essential oils:

#1 Peppermint Essential Oil

The ultimate oil to drive the heat away with its cool and refreshing aroma, Peppermint essential oil is the ideal means to escape from the heat within seconds. Apart from its exceptional cooling quality and minty flavor, peppermint essential oil also stimulates the mind, enhances mental agility, and improves concentration. It also soothes irritation and itchiness, a common complaint during brutal summers. Just like an after-meal peppermint pill, this essential oil adds a hint of freshness to your day.

#2 Rosemary Essential Oil

When the mercury in your thermometer jumps, the world around you can begin to feel a little fuzzy. Here is where rosemary essential oil comes in. It restores lost focus with its clean, woody & herby aroma. This essential oil can bring the zest even in the hottest summer afternoons. Fill a spray bottle halfway with water, add a few drops of rosemary essential oil and spray it all over to revive and refresh your mood.

#3 Purify Essential Oil Blend

Purify essential oil blend combines the refreshing notes of rosemary with thyme, tea tree and lemon. Just a few drops will transport you to your favorite vacation getaway. While traveling, you can keep this blend at hand at all times and use it to disinfect the surfaces.

#4 Sheer Bliss Essential Oil Blend

Sheer bliss essential oil blend is fresh, citrusy, and fruity with a hint of lavender. It is like the oil equivalent of a fruit punch at a beach shack. With this eight essential oil mix, you will find yourself experiencing the cool in the midst of summer. Rub just one drop between your palms, cup on the nose, and inhale deeply to create a soft joyous vibe all around you. Sheer bliss essential oil is a zesty, perfumed oil blend with a tinge of minty floral notes of peppermint and lemongrass. Diffuse it before bed and you will soon be transported to the sunny days in flower-lined valleys and orchards with ripe fruit.

#5 Revitalize Essential Oil Blend

What is the best way to beat the summer heat and charge your batteries? Revitalize essential oil blend is the answer. It is the perfect stress-buster during the summer heat. This bright, citrusy, sweet essential oil has mixed tones of cedarwood with lime. When you are feeling drained, sweaty, or just stuck in a rut, Revitalize Essential Oil Blend delivers you a shot of mental energy.

#6 Focus X Essential Oil Blend

Add a few drops of Focus X essential oil blend to your diffuser to can cut through the tiring heat. Ideal for the days when the weather makes you feel like you are living in a cave. This essential oil is minty, fresh, bright, and somewhat spicy. It combines the properties of chamomile and cardamom, with the fruity-flowery tones of jasmine. Aromatherapists swear by each of its nine constituent essential oils for their ability to improve mental focus.

#7 Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend

Breathe easy essential oil blend contains seven pure and strong-smelling essential oils. Each of these helps to relieve breathing spasms, thin congestion, and clear breathing passageways. Its woody, lemony, minty, and camphorous components soothe the senses.

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