Best Essential Oils for Anxiety


Aromatherapy is an excellent aid to supplement your wellbeing with natural plant extracts. It’s a practice that has been around for centuries and with good reason, it has benefits for numerous applications to our body, mind, and spirit.

Making essential oils as part of our daily routine can lift your spirits and enhance your overall lifestyle without the need for any stimulants or medication.

1. Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang has an exotic, euphoric aroma that can be calming to the nervous system. It can be used as an aid and alleviating pressure from anxiety which can affect your sleep or work productivity.

Even rubbing a single drop of essential oil and cupping it over your nose can relieve worrying thoughts or fear.

One of the fun ways of incorporating Ylang Ylang into your daily life is with a diffuser necklace or earring. They look gorgeous while helping to expose yourself to the mood-balancing aroma for the whole day. You can also use it with a humidifier to promote an ambiance of safety and inducing a positive environment.

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2. Lavender

Lavender is great for our physical and emotional health with its sweet floral aroma. It’s one of the most popular essential oils today for a reason. It’s relaxing & calming effects have long been sought after for millennia.

The Romans used to scent their baths with essential oils extracted from lavender. And in the Middle Ages, lavender clippings were regularly spread across the floors of homes. They also used it to scent their linens and clothing!

Lavender is also often used in aromatherapy for therapeutic use relieving mild symptoms of anxiety. An article from the International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice showed that Lavandula oil showed encouraging results when administered to patients with anxiety disorder.

For a calming massage, mix 3 drops of Lavender Essential oil into 10ml of carrier oil and massage it onto the soles of your feet or on the rest of your body. Mix 8 drops of essential oil into 2 tablespoons of carrier oil for massaging onto your scalp and leaving it overnight for a restful, deep sleep.

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3. Stress Melt Essential Oil Blend

The WOW Stress Melt Essential Oil Blend is an exclusive blend of 7 synergistic essential oils for dispelling signs of stress and tension. All of the oils used in this blend are acknowledged in aromatherapy for their relaxing and balancing benefits.

It has an utterly relaxing fruity-floral fragrance that’s amazing for helping to slow down an overactive mind and evoking joy. The blend has a cheerful scent that’s perfect for unwinding to after a hectic day.

For a quick stress reliever and soothing frayed nerves, simply use a few drops with a simple humidifier or into a tea candle diffuser. You can craft a quick spray for freshening up the entire home by adding a few drops with water in a simple spray bottle and spraying it all around.

You can also add a few drops to your pre-bedtime bath water for a soothing spa-like experience!

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