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7 Essential Oils That Can Help You Stop Smoking


We all agree that smoking is bad for our health. But quitting just seems so hard, doesn’t it? Well, here is some good news - according to research three out of five adults who have ever smoked cigarettes have quit. Although the use of essential oils to help stop smoking is still being studied, it can be useful in your journey. Essential oils are great to soothe common symptoms like irritation, sleeplessness, and, of course, cravings. 

To fight nicotine withdrawal, here are 8 essential oils to help you stop smoking:

#1 Black Pepper Essential Oil

When it comes to overcoming smoking addiction, black pepper essential oil is the safest solution for most people. When compared to other approaches, studies dating back to the 1990s indicate that black pepper is extremely successful at suppressing cravings.

In research trials, black pepper essential oil assisted people in reducing depressive symptoms associated with nicotine withdrawal. The use of this essential oil also helps to alleviate the discomfort that comes with not being able to reach for a cigarette.

If you're having a hard time emotionally giving up cigarettes, this can be extremely beneficial. The key to why black pepper essential oil is so good at suppressing the desire to smoke seems to be that the feeling it produces in the chest is very close to the sensation produced by smoking.

 #2 Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Are you experiencing symptoms of anxiety and stress in your attempt to quit smoking? Sweet Orange essential oil has a vivid, soothing fragrance that can help you feel more energized and reduces irritable moods. Sweet orange oil also has a sedative effect that helps you relax and relieve anger as well as minimize bodily inflammations and irritability.

Your body will need time to reset if you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. This is where the use of sweet orange essential oil can be beneficial. Many people diffuse this oil as a tonic to help tone up their bodies and strengthen their immune systems. According to studies, this incredible essential oil will also help to reduce nausea, which could be beneficial to you during your withdrawal. 

 #3 Lemon Essential Oil

Exactly what you need when you want to unwind after a long day, when your cigarette cravings are rising, Lemon Essential Oil is a godsend! This is because this common essential oil has powerful calming properties. It has a soothing effect that can help relax a nervous mind and alleviate nausea. It can also help control frustration by relieving stress. When the call of a cigarette grows stronger and louder after a long day, turning to the calming properties of lemon essential oil can be a great alternative.

#4 Lavender Essential Oil 

If you want to smack down thoughts of temptation, look to lavender. Lavender Essential Oil can be a very effective tool for reducing anxiety and stress that can arise when you stop smoking. Lavender has also been shown to calm the central nervous system.

Lavender is also beneficial in the treatment of restlessness and insomnia. You already know how intense all of those feelings can be in those first few days when you're trying to quit smoking. Another thing to keep in mind about lavender essential oil is that it can help with respiratory symptoms.

#5 Peppermint Essential Oil

To be honest, nicotine withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant. When people stop smoking, they also experience headaches, nausea, stomach problems, and irritability. The discomfort can cause them to return to their cigarettes before they've even begun their quit-smoking journeys.

Peppermint essential oil can aid in this situation by helping relieve headaches and nausea. Peppermint oil's new, bold fragrance is a pleasant contrast to the smell of cigarette smoke. In reality, using peppermint oil to start your day can be much more motivating than reaching for a cigarette.

Quit Smoking With WOW’s Skin Science’s Oil Blends!

#6 WOW's Stress Melt Essential Oil Blend

What if you're experiencing severe headaches but no nausea during your nicotine withdrawal? Nicotine withdrawal headaches may harm your ability to focus. Although, this may not be the only reason you're having trouble gathering your thoughts while stopping smoking. Pick up some Stress Melt Essential Oil Blend! When rubbed on the temples, this essential oil blend has also been shown to reduce the tension and anxiety that often accompany headaches. This essential oil blend can even help reduce the stress and anxiety that often accompanies headaches. Stress melt essential oil blend also has anti-inflammatory properties, which help relieve the pain of pounding headaches.

 #7 WOW's Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend

Coughing may be the most irritating symptom since you probably stopped smoking in part to avoid coughing all of the time. Don't be discouraged if you notice a rise in coughing. This is due to mucus being removed from your lungs, and it is an indication that your lungs are starting to heal.

While getting through this time can be difficult, using Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend can make the experience much more enjoyable. Tea tree, eucalyptus, and citrus essential oils work together to break through mucus accumulation in the throat and respiratory passages, allowing for better breathing and clearing. Tea tree essential oil functions in a similar manner, but its properties are better suited to treating throat infections caused by frequent smoke inhalation.

Nobody is claiming that quitting smoking would be a walk in the park. But essential oils can certainly be used to alleviate some of the tension and temptation that so many people face after they quit smoking. One of the best things about using essential oils to help stop smoking is how ritualistic it is in nature.

Essential oils can nourish both the body and the spirit, making it easier to quit smoking on an emotional level. Of course, essential oils' physical and cognitive benefits ensure that you're in top shape when you start a new life free of nicotine.

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