5 Interesting Facts about Essential Oils


We have all tried essential oils at some point in our lives. 

They have numerous health benefits & smell really good. Plus, it's always fun to try out different oils every now and then. 

Here are 5 interesting facts on essential oils you probably didn’t know!

1. Lavender Is Seriously Cool 

Lavender oil is arguably one of the most versatile oils of all.  

Believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which are great for minor burns, & bug bites. Its broad range of wellness benefits includes being an antidepressant and an excellent deodorizer. 

It even has benefits for hair growth! 

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2. These Essential Oils Make You “Feel Good”

Ever had a really bad day and felt nothing could make it better? 

Try out just a few drops of these essential oils and you might change your mind.

Evokes a sense of joy & warmth with its pleasantly sweet, citrusy aroma. Known for its calming & mood-enhancing benefits. 

Washes away everyday stress, anxiety, and tension with its soothing aroma. Perfect for use in the evenings after a hectic day to relax. 

3. Helps with Cold

This is especially relevant in these times. It is important to take care of our health with proper food & a healthy lifestyle. 

Essential oils can actually go a long way with contributing to our immune health. Certain oils contain antioxidant properties & helpful mood-enhancing effects. 

Here are a few we personally recommend: 

4. Your Sense of Smell Affects You More Than You Think 

Scent works almost directly with our brains.

When we detect an aroma, it connects with the parts of our brain that controls hormones, behavior responses & mood management. A bad mood is like a cocktail of emotions sent by your brain.

These emotions tell your body to feel & act a certain way.

With essential oils, these reactions can be influenced for more positive outcomes like mood elevation, improved focus, & balancing emotions!

5. Fragrance Oils Aren’t Essential Oils 

There are many products out there that claim to be natural but are actually synthetic fragrances.  

There's a stark difference between the two. 

Real essential oils are naturally a more expensive option to source. As they use raw plant extracts made from the bulk cold-pressing of flowers, barks, roots, peels & other parts of the plant. 

Fragrance oils on the other hand, are a mystery blend of undisclosed chemicals. This can be problematic as many of them are irritating to the skin & can potentially lead to serious health problems.

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