3 Essential Oils for Boosting Work Productivity


“Why am I so tired all the time?” If you find yourself asking that question often, this is for you! 

Rich in antioxidants & botanical compounds, essential oils can positively influence your mental & emotional state. 

Here are 3 of our recommended oils to boost productivity levels at work!

1. WOW Revitalize Essential Oil Blend 

It is perfectly normal to feel stuck or sapped of any energy to do anything productive. It happens to the best of us.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stay that way! 

WOW Revitalize Essential Oil Blend has an especially soothing fragrance with woody, citrusy and spicy notes.

It’s a unique blend of 6 potent essential oils with each one known for its restorative goodness. It's rich in natural compounds known for dispelling apathy & lethargy – cedrene, limonene, vetiverol, and pinene.

Use this blend for a fresh shot of mental energy when you need it. Recharge your work hours today with this synergistic oil blend! Get yours here

2. WOW Focus X Essential Oil Blend 

We live in an age where the ability to focus is the new superpower. 

Most of us are in a perpetual state of distraction thanks to social media and our phones.

WOW Focus X Essential Oil Blend has an enchanting fragrance with citrusy, floral, and sweet notes that help to improve clarity, memory, and concentration.

Consisting of 9 pure essential oils, each oil has been acknowledged in aromatherapy for boosting alertness, eliminating fatigue, and restoring focus. 

The blend contains compounds known for improving concentration & productivity - geraniol, cineole, cis-jasmone, pinene, and camphene. Get yours here

3. WOW Energizer Essential Oil Blend

It’s almost evening, you feel your head getting heavier and your eyes are snapping shut. We get it. It can be a struggle to stay awake some days and that can affect your work. 

Jumpstart your body and mind with the WOW Energizer Essential Oil Blend!

It’s a blend of 8 essential oils known for reducing physical fatigue and mental dullness. It has an invigorating aroma with a minty-citrusy fragrance and hints of camphor.

Each of the oils used is acknowledged in aromatherapy as a potent fatigue eliminator and energizer. 

This blend contains compounds that are great for increasing vigor and energy – menthol, citral, geraniol, and limonene. Freshen up and get energized with the WOW Energizer Blend! Get yours here.


  • by Edna Gonzalez on

    “WOW” is an understatement! ”. I cannot thank you enough! Not only are there’s oils affordable they help others with coping in today’s situations and norms! The packaging for each oil is perfect! Thank u for your commitment to quality and safety of your customers! Your oil descriptions great and are so important! Love love love this brand and I’m so grateful I bumped into it on Instagram! My only brand here on out! Continued Success!!

  • by Dawnn Alford on

    Thanks for all the information, when I can afford most if these oils I surely will be buying, Thanks so much!

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